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Kreg Jig Review

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets
with the Kreg Jig

The Kreg Jig

My review of the Kreg Jig starts by saying that this is the perfect tool for assembling cabinet face frames and case work. Forget dados and biscuit joinery - the Kreg Jig is one of my essential tool for building kitchen cabinets.

With the Kreg Jig, you can finish projects in hours instead of days. You won't spend any time clamping, waiting for glue to dry, or wading through complicated math. It essentially involves drilling a hole at an angle into one workpiece, and connecting it to another workpiece with a self-tapping screw.

The Kreg Jig is available at , or



See the Kreg Jig in action


The Kreg KKS2000 Klamp Table makes building face frames a breeze.  I only recommend buying this if you plan to start building cabinets for a living.


Assembling cabinet casework is easy with the Kreg Jig. This video gives some good techniques. However, all of my assembly joints are on the exterior of the cabinet and are hidden with finished skins or end panels


Kreg Jig Review by Seth Townsend, Cabinetmaker - June, 2009



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